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When talking to a Doctor about the patent-protected Regenokine® Program, always make sure they have been licensed and trained in the Regenokine® Program invented by Dr. Peter Wehling, MD PhD. Only listed Doctors on the Regenokine® USA Website have met these requirements. Please beware, if you know of or have been recommended a Doctor who does not appear on this website list, they are not a currently licensed partner of the Regenokine® Program. No Doctor has paid a fee to be listed on this site.  When entering your zip code in the search box on our website to find a doctor near you, Doctors will be identified by geographic proximity to the location you selected. Remember, this is not a recommendation that you utilize any particular Doctor and you should always make an independent determination regarding your treatment options, qualifications, and suitability of your Doctor. By using the “Find A Doctor” below, you acknowledge the foregoing.

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