Success Stories

The following testimonials are from patients that have had success with the Regenokine® Program and other lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and acupuncture.  Individual results with the Regenokine® Program vary. The Regenokine® Program may not work for everyone and is highly dependent on each patient’s unique situation.  Learn more about the Regenokine® Program and its approach to pain management, along with other lifestyle interventions, here.

What patients have said about the Regenokine® Program

Jacki's Story
Professional Basketball Player 2013-2021
Scott's Story
Major League Pitcher 2005-2013
Jess's Story
HeartCore Pilates Founder
Marco's Story
Business Executive

Sports Teams with Players Who Have Been Treated with
The Regenokine® Program


  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Denver Nuggets
  • Golden State Warriors
  • Houston Rockets
  • Los Angeles Lakers
  • Memphis Grizzlies
  • Miami Heat
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • New Orleans Hornets
  • NY Knicks
  • Orlando Magic
  • Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Philadelphia 76er
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Washington Wizards


  • Arizona Cardinal
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Chicago Bears
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • New England Patriots
  • New Orleans Saints
  • New York Jets
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • San Diego Chargers
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  • Colorado Rockies
  • Florida Marlins
  • Houston Astros
  • New York Yankees
  • Philadelphia Phillies


  • FC Chelsea
  • FC Bayern München
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • FC Schalke 04
  • FC Leipzig
  • Bayer 04 Leverkusen
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • AS Monaco
Including athletes from the PGA, UFC, NHL, Professional Tennis and the Olympic Games.

Patient Success Stories

photo of Stuart
Stuart L.'s Story
United States
Area Treated: Hand
“It has been two and a half years since getting the Regenokine Program. I still recall the immediate experience of enhanced movement of the digits on my left hand! I am reminded of this benefit daily.

Those effects were evidenced only days afterward when I played golf with friends and enjoyed one of my best rounds in many months. Today I am more fit, as my exercise has increased due to less discomfort, and I am more active. Thank you for the Regenokine Program for me and for so many others.”
Photo of doctor N.S.
Dr. N.S.'s Story
Area Treated: Knee
“Due to a sports incident, I suffered a patella fracture. As a result, I developed painful knee osteoarthritis which steadily deteriorated. I am an orthopedic and trauma surgeon. I’ve tried various therapies. I decided to go through the Regenokine® Program. Today, I have significantly reduced pain, which allows me to play my sports again and generally go about my daily life. I’m grateful for the honesty and professionalism of the doctors who treated me.”
photo of Dmitry
Dmitry K.'s Story
Area Treated: Knee
“Thank you very much for your Regenokine Program. It’s helped me a lot. The pain is now to a level that I’m back to playing the sports I love.”
photo of Maria
Maria L. G.'s Story
Area Treated: Back
“I really must confirm that, after several years from participation in the Regenokine® Program, the pain you treated in my back has not returned"
Lynn K's Story
Area Treated: Shoulder
“Most of the movement in my shoulder was restored and the pain improved.  And even better, I continued improving over the next month. I suffered with the pain and disability of a frozen shoulder for 13 months. Many Doctors told me to ‘wait it out‘.  Then a friend told me about Dr. Peter Wehling. Much of the movement in my shoulder was restored and the pain improved.  Dr. Peter Wehling is not only brilliant – but an incredibly caring doctor. He‘s as excited about the results of his treatments as his patients are.”
Howard W. Sharpe's Story
Area Treated: Shoulder
“I consider the treatment I received to be a success. In fact, even though I had five sessions, my pain improved after the second treatment.”
Moustafa E.-S.'s Story
Area Treated: Lower Back
“My family and I wish to express our deepest feeling of gratitude. We also would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care. I went though the Regenokine® Program a few months ago and from day one I felt the difference in my body and I am getting better day after day. After years of pain and limited mobility, the Regenokine® Program has given me some control back in my life. I have less pain and more mobility. I am able to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I am currently able to go back to school, work and even back to the gym and do things haven’t been able to do for years. Thank you so much tor giving me more of my life back.”
Donna K's Story
Area treated: Lower back
“I am a 67-year-old pain management physician with a successful practice on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Ironically, I myself had been in chronic pain after back surgery at the age of 35. A few years ago, the pain became so debilitating that I could hardly walk—I didn’t know how I could possibly continue to practice. A colleague of mine told me about the work Dr. Peter Wehling was doing in Düsseldorf; I researched it and decided to give it a shot. Within weeks of the treatment my pain had diminished from a constant 7 out of 10 with medications to 4 out of 10 without!“
Svetlana S's Story
Area treated: Lower back
“At the last day of my doctor visits, the pain in my neck had disappeared, my shoulder become much better, and my low back/arthritis and prolapsed disk were better – a very, very big difference to me. No doubt, no one wants to be live in pain. I have osteoarthritis all over my body. After a long search on the internet I discovered the Regenokine program of Dr. Wehling. After five office visits, at the last day of my treatment, pain in my neck became less, shoulder became much better. Thank you Dr. Wehling and the Regenokine Program for giving me another chance to feel alive again!“
Ulla's Story
Area treated: Hands
“The treatment for the severe osteoarthritis in both my hands has, so far, proved to be very beneficial. I now have a lot more flexibility in my hands. Everyday chores are much easier to perform, although the stiffness in my fingers still persists. May I, at this opportunity also tell you how pleasant it was to be treated in your attractive clinic. Your nurses could not have been more professional and friendly.“
Donna's Story
Washington D.C.
Area treated: Legs
“Dear Dr. Wehling and Team. By November my pain was much decreased, and I was able to begin physical therapy at the beginning of 2013. I continue to feel good, have the occasional sciatic pain when my body gets tired and stiff or when my immune system is under attack. Best to All.”
Peter's Story
Area treated: Knee
”Dear Clinic, before I got my first treatment my knee felt stiff, insecure and it was swollen most of the times. After the treatment I got back the strengths of my knee, I did not have pain every day. I had most of the times pointless days, before it was not passed a day without pain. I am very happy with my shape of my knees. and for sure I will be coming back. Thanks for everything and not only being very professional but also kind.”
Daniel's Story
Area treated: Lower Back
“In 2009 I was suffering from pain in my lower back. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon and a chiropractic. I searched the Internet and found some information on Prof. Dr. Wehling’s therapy. I went to see Dr. Wehling in his clinic in Düsseldorf and was treated. After the second injection I was feeling much better and after the 3rd injection I felt an improvement of 40 percent. In total I got 7 injections and I felt really great.

An extract from Daniel S. pain diary, which he kept during the time he was treated by Prof. Dr. Wehling.
Reiko's Story
Area treated: Right Knee
“Eight years ago I received Dr. Wehling’s therapy. I had osteoarthritis in my right knee and since my treatment I feel better. The pain has diminished and furthermore functioning and my quality of life have improved over the past 8 years.

Thank you very much again!”
Gundi's Story
Area treated: Lower back
“Dear Dr. Wehling, about a month ago I received your treatment. Pain in several joints such as the knee, shoulder, elbow and lower back had affected me for many years. I heard from many doctors that I had to accept this fact since these things happen when you grow older. I am 59 years old and I had reached the stage of believing the doctors. Fortunately, I was introduced to Dr. Renna who recommended Dr. Wehling in Düsseldorf, Germany. Before I went to see Dr. Wehling I was a bit skeptical since so many doctors before had disappointed me, but I am glad I went.

Most of the pain I suffered came from the lower back. Therefore Dr. Wehling decided to start treating my back. I got the treatment in combination with acupuncture for one week. After the first treatment the pain was less and it got even less every day. When the week of treatment was over my back pains had improved and the pain I had in my other joints had diminished too.

I am more than thankful for the extremely professional help in Dr. Wehling’s clinic."
Tom's Story
Area treated: Lower Back
“A decade filled with pain, uncertainty and disappointment had passed when I luckily heard of the opening of Prof. Dr. Wehling`s clinic in Düsseldorf. I had experienced many failed attempts of treatments and tried out new revolutionary therapies, drugs and dietary plans.

The first time I met Prof. Dr. Wehling was in autumn, the time of the year when my illness affected me the most and I wasn’t feeling well at all. I was very insecure when I entered the Professor’s clinic on the Königsallee in my wheelchair. Although a hip replacement improved my quality of life to a certain degree and I was able to walk on crutches for a short distance, my health condition at that point in time did not allow me to walk into the clinic. I was very impressed by the Professor’s clinic. Everyone in the clinic was friendly and Prof. Dr. Wehling welcomed me heartily. I was very surprised that he knew so much about my medical history and had read my files, which I had sent to him prior to my visit. It was very pleasant not to tell my whole story over again, which I always had had to do when I went to see other new doctors.

My expectations were low. Nevertheless, I decided to have the treatment. The first two injections I got in both of my knees. As I have mentioned before my expectations were low, but the outcome and the feelings which occurred, I have never experienced before. After the first day of treatment, I did not experience the everyday pain in my knee when I got out of bed the next morning. I did not realize what was happening to me. After one week I went to see Dr. Wehling again and told him what I had experienced.

I became more confident with Dr. Wehling’s treatment and the following Autumn I did not experience flare-ups. This had never happened before. My mobility is increasing from day to day, and I have lost a lot of weight.

Prof. Dr. Wehling helped me to lead a more or less normal life once again. Words can hardly describe how thankful I am to Dr. Wehling. 

As I said before, I am very very lucky.”
Sybille's Story
Area treated: Left Knee
“In a magazine I became aware of the treatment by Prof. Dr. Wehling. My left knee gonarthrosis was causing me increasing discomfort in everyday life due to osteoarthritis (pain when walking, I could no longer bend the knee, strong swelling in the knee). Cycling caused me very severe pain. After the first treatment I noticed an immediate improvement. Today -6 month after the treatment- I can walk longer distances without any problems, bend my knee well again and ride my bike. I am also free of complaints at night. I repeat the treatment at longer intervals.“
Manfred's Story
‍Area treated:
“Dear Professor Wehling,

My family and I have just returned from a vacation in Denmark, during which we took long walks with our dogs every day. A short time ago, this would have been possible for me only with great pain, which would not have subsided even in the further course of the day. The arthrosis in both hip joints had progressed. With this finding, I turned to you and your team two months ago. The previous orthopedic findings were confirmed in the extensive radiological examinations. There was pronounced osteoarthritis in both hip joints and incipient osteoarthritis in one knee and the lower three lumbar vertebrae. After six treatments. I have regained my quality of life.  I am very grateful to you and your team. The treatment in their house is one of my positive periods of life.”
Detlev's Story
‍Area treated:
“I was at a loss as to what else to do: Pain throughout my back, shoulders and hips. That was just the way it was said. I started searching on the Internet, who the hell can help me? So I came to the site of Professor Wehling and Dr. Hartmann and read the therapeutic procedures in detail. It sounded logical to me and I decided to make an appointment. I met a very committed practice team which did everything with 100% commitment to initiate all diagnostic measures at short notice and I always had the feeling: Here the well-being of the patient is in the absolute foreground. The professor and his entire team are 100% committed to the patient’s recovery as their absolute priority and all therapeutic measures are worked out according to these aspects. From the very beginning, you have the feeling that you are in the best of hands here, and that everyone knows exactly what to do. There was no waiting for 3 months, I described my suffering and got an appointment within 14 days.

Last exit Düsseldorf, it was called for me so to speak, it was like the last lifeline for me I could throw. After it had been clarified that the therapy methods had a chance of success with me and that these could and that they could be successful, we started.

And what can I say: After only three treatments, my mobility improved significantly so that my son, 6 years old, had to point out to his buddy while playing soccer in the backyard that he would have to play fast again because his dad would now move faster again and would get down to business a lot more.

In this sense, I wish all who read this the best health and great therapy successes!”
Malte's Story
Area treated: Back
“I have been recommending the practice of Dr. Wehling/Dr. Hartmann for many years. I am myself active in the medical field. For me, Dr. Wehling’s therapy is the strongest anti-inflammatory therapy without side effects that exists in this world.”
Gerhard's Story
Area treated: Back
“Dear Professor Wehling, finally I have succeeded in proving that my back pain, which has lasted for decades, could also come from another side than previously thought. After only one treatment, the pain was completely reduced. This treatment and the corresponding medication did the rest. I can only say “That was great!“ I would like to thank you very much"
For over a decade, thousands including world-renowned athletes, weekend warriors, famous entertainers, political and corporate leaders, a Pope, schoolteachers, retirees, and more have experienced the benefits of the Regenokine® Program.

It is a new therapeutic, customized non-surgical treatment approach in the field of orthopedic medicine. The goal of the Program is to help reduce pain and improve function — resulting in an enhanced quality of life.
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